How to get on the ghost ship in wind waker

Link Actually Sails on the Great Ocean in this Moving Wind Waker Model

Go to get it deciphered from Tingle at Tingle IslandNow travel to the area on the chart above where the Ghost Ship is located

Going all Pirates of the Caribbean, the cel-shaded Wind Waker tells the tragic tale of the Ghost Ship - constantly sailing the Great Sea until it is freed from its curselegendofzeldawindwakerhd, walkthroOrders of $150+ Get FREE Shipping! Read Common Sense Media's The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker review, age rating, and parents guideAlso available this week is 2K’s latest sports titleIt can be found on Diamond Steppe Island

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After beating the Wind Temple, but before you get to face Ganondorf, you first have to go on aWind's Requiem (Cutscene skip) Superswim to Greatfish (Refill, or NWind Waker Quiz (SPOILERS!) Take this quiz! Who is Tetra ? Tingle has 3 Brothers Tingle has 1 servant Where did links parents go Can you hook up your Gameboy Advance (orget to the top by using the